Sprint Speed School: We Teach You How To Run Fast With Sprint Mechanics in 10 Days

Sept 30th - Oct 17th (3 weeks)Days: Monday, Wednesday, ThursdayTime:  7 p.m. - 7:45 p.m.Place: To Be Announced (Lincoln NE)

What We Do In Sprint Speed School

We Train You to Run Fast Using Sprint Mechanics Which Increases Speed And Gives You The Skills To INSTANTLY Become Competitive In Any Sport

I will spare you the technical jargon and get right to the point of what you will learn in Sprint Speed School. We don't do box jumps and ladders. That's not developing sprint mechanics. That's called a workout. Stop spending your money, time and resources on another workout that will not increase your speed. Sprint Speed School teaches you the foundation to speed.

  • Develop Proper Sprint Mechanics to Increase Speed and Velocity to Run Fast
  • Learn the 3 Components to Be A Technically Sound Sprinter And Obtain The Knowledge So That You Can Self-Correct When Out of Form
  • The #1 SECRET of Olympians and How To Become A Super Sprinter In Record Time
  • Apply The Best Dynamic Stretches For Increasing Mobility And Give You The Best Chance to Extend Stride Rate and Frequency Creating Success During Training and Competition.
  • Discover The Most Common Technique Mistakes That Stops You From Running Fast Before You Ever Get Started
  • Learn the 3 Sprint Stages To Win Every Race In Order For You To Minimize the External Factors That Cause Deceleration And Slow Times

Speed is necessary to be effective in sports, just like sprint mechanics are necessary to develop speed. Sprint mechanics are foundational to all top notch athletes. It's been proven by the top NFL, NBA, and all major college athletes that speed is foundational to having success. Sprint mechanics are foundational to having pure speed. Learn sprint mechanics and you will develop pure speed.

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Each mini-camp and session is designed as building blocks. You will be able to understand
and put all the blocks together to retain the skills you develop.



Champion Sprinting
$250per athlete
  • 10 Full Sessions
  • Video Analysis Sprint Mechanics
  • Post Development Program
  • AGES 8-18 @ 6:00-7:00 PM


Sprint Mechanics
$60per athlete
  • 2 Day 1 Hour Training
  • Video Analysis Sprint Mechanics
  • Dynamic Stretch Routine
  • JUNE 15&16 AGES 15-18 @ 1:00-2:00 PM
  • JUNE 18&19 AGES 11-14 @ 1:00-2:00 PM
  • JUNE 22&23 AGES 8-10 @ 1:00-2:00 PM


Champion Sprinting
$250per athlete
  • 10 Full Sessions
  • Video Analysis Sprint Mechanics
  • Post Development Program
  • AGES 15-18 @ 1:00-2:00 PM
  • AGES 11-14 (ADVANCE) @ 2:00-3:00 PM
  • AGES 11-14 (BEGINNERS) @ 3:00-4:00 PM
  • AGES 8-10 @ 4:00-5:00 PM


1115 Libra Dr, Lincoln, NE 68512 (NORTH BUILDING OF D-BATS)


You Get The Best Sprint Mechanics Training, But You Have To Hurry!The Clock Is Ticking And The Spots Are Filling Up Fast!

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The Proof Is In The Performance

The biggest breakthrough from working with Raymonn is my daughter’s form. She has truly changed into a better athlete after working with him.

- Parent of a Regional & National Qualifier

In one season Raymonn was able to improve her sprint and hurdle form that didn’t change in multiple seasons with different sprint clubs.

- Parent of a Regional & National Qualifier

My son only ran track with his middle school before coming to work with Raymonn. He learned the proper form and was able to get his time down a full second.

- Parent of a Regional & National Qualifier

You will find that he truly cares about the progress of each individual and the the team as a whole. This was our first year working with Raymonn, and we will not be going to anyone else.

- Parent of a Regional & National Qualifier

The biggest breakthrough from working with Raymonn is my daughter’s form. She has truly changed into a better athlete after working with him.

- Parent of a Regional & National Qualifier

The biggest break through I saw with my son was not only watching him learn to run with a great form but watching him run and each time his time get better and better.

- Parent of a Regional & National Qualifier

"My son dropped 2 full seconds off of his 100 meter time. I thought that was impossible! But after working with Raymonn on his sprint mechanics he improved week after week. He went from the slowest to the fastest in football and it has made all the difference."

- Parent of a Regional & National Qualifier

"I've saw my daughter grow in both confidence, will power first and then the speed came! Raymonn helped identify what was holding her back. It's very rare to find a person/coach that can get max performance out of an athlete. One of the ways Raymonn has done that with Keziah is by increasing her desire to "WANT IT" and trusting what she's learned."

- Parent of a State Champion, Regional & National Qualifier


This all sounds good, but who is behind Sprint Speed School? I could go on and on about my personal accolades, but I rather keep it simply about results. Because that’s what you are here for. For more proof…scroll back up to the testimonials.

My entire life I’ve been an athlete. I had amazing high school coaches, went to a prestigious college where I still hold over 20 football records as well as a National Champion title in Track & Field. From there I went on to play professional football a total of 5 years. The most notable team is the New York Jets in the NFL. And just about a year ago I was inducted to my college Athletic Hall of Fame.

I’ve been trained by some of the best. And every one of the legendary coaches I’ve been coached by believes and develop all of their athletes on the foundation of sprint mechanics.  If you need more proof, feel free to revisit the testimonials above. Otherwise it’s time to Book your session today, and you can finally get started to running fast! Don’t wait! Start now!

Investing in your speed today! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Raymonn Adams

P.S. 10 sessions from now you can be well into running fast and reaching the goals you’ve had of being one of the greatest competitors. Or you can do nothing and waste your time trying to figure out why you are not getting faster. You choose.

Frequently Ask Questions

1115 Libra Dr, Lincoln, NE 68512 (NORTH BUILDING OF D’BATS) Map it »

Of course you don’t have to be fast. Only coachable. That’s what we are here to do. Make you the fastest you can be!

No. You do not need spikes.  We will be indoor. However, you will need to have some running shoes. Please do not bring basketball shoes to run in.

Each athlete will develop at their pace. Some will see instant results. And others will see delayed results. We can’t say specific numbers. However, we can guarantee you will feel and run faster after applying the training.